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They told people from Northeast India to leave, shaved my head, says Gurgaon attack victim

Gurgaon: Even as the police ruled out a racist attack angle in the attack on two Northeast Indians in Gurgaon, one of the victims had alleged that the people who attacked them said that all Northeast Indians must leave the city. "They told us that all that people from Northeast India must leave. They shaved my head. Are people from the Northeast not Indians," the victim said.

The victim's friend said that he was taken by a group of people on the behest of taking him to a party but beat him up later. "They were called to have a party and for a drink and then they were beaten up," the victim's friend said.

An FIR has now been registered in Gurgaon after two men from Northeast India were allegedly beaten up by locals. The incident occurred late on Wednesday night. 

The victims claim they were beaten up by over seven locals for 3 hours. They have been admitted to a hospital. 

Sources say one of the men has received injury to the backbone. The police say they are probing the issue and have ruled out calling it a racist attack.
Source:IBN Live

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