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URF peeved with Govt’s ‘indifferent’ attitude

CNS/Imphal, Oct 4: The Suspension of Operation (SoO) signatory United Revolutionary Front (URF) has said that the State Government has betrayed the cadres and compelled them to take up arms once again.
According to a statement of URF issued by its Chairman Lanheiba Meitei, the URF was formed by seven factions of different rebel outfits with the objective of protecting the rights of the indigenous people. However, the URF entered into peace process by signing a tripartite agreement among the State Government and Central Government on February 13 last year. 

The agreement was signed to initiate the peace talks and the URF cadres did not give up arms simply to the Government. Everything was done in good faith, but the Government officials considered the signing of the tripartite agreement as a mass surrender.

The statement further said that the URF cadres never signed the agreement in the hope of getting any package or rehabilitation. It was done solely for the betterment of the people. It has been more than a year since the signing of the agreement. But now, the State Government begins to make twists and turns in this peace process. The cadres of URF are now extremely regretful for entering into such agreement by believing the false promises of the Government.

The leader of URF Lanheiba Meitei has been emotionally and physically tortured by the Government by putting him in NIA probe. He has been appearing before the NIA Court at Guwahati regularly at his own expenses without any security. The Government has totally betrayed the URF and forced the cadres to take up arms to protect themselves and their fellows. The Government has no regard for women and children, and it has been terrorizing the URF cadres by deploying large number of police commandos at their Loitang Khunou designated camp, the statement added.

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