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Veteran politicians echo support to ILPS implementation in State

IMPHAL, October 4: The All Political Parties Committee on Inner Line Permit System today took the opinion of three veteran politicians of the State on the issue regarding the ILPS implementation in the State.
Yesterday during a similar meeting of the committee, former Chief Minister and seasoned politician Rishang Keishing had submitted that he supports implementing the ILPS or any other similar Act to safeguard the interest of the indigenous people in the State.

Today’s meeting which was held at the New Assembly secretariat office of the committee and chaired by deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam was also attended by veterans Okram Joy, Radhabinod Koijam and Dr L Chandramani.

The three gave their views, opinions and suggestions on the implementation of the ILPS in the State.
All three supported the mass movement demanding the ILPS implementation and echoed that the ILPS or a similar system needs to be implemented in the State.

The three also raised the need for the State to come up with its own law and said they will help in finding the mechanism to do so.

They said States like Himachal Pradesh have their own land laws to protect the indigenous interest.
Later during the meeting, the committee discussed the best ways to find a logistic conclusion which needs to be submitted to the State government soon.

The committee also decided to meet with retd High Court Justice WA Shishak on October 9 after he failed to attend yesterday’s meeting as he is out of station. The committee also discussed its observations of the various opinions and suggestions submitted by experts and intellects on the issue.


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