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Statement Against the Police Action In Indigenous People’s Movement In Nepal

Katmandu CNS: Newah Bidhyarthi Daboo (Newa Student Association), Central Executive Committee in a very strong word condemn the disgraceful police intervention in the middle of a peaceful protest of the Nepal’s indigenous peoples led by the senior human rights champion, Padma Ratna Tuladhar in Kathmandu on 16 January 2015. 

It was an unprovoked police action against the Nepal’s indigenous people’s movement demanding the guarantee of an identity-based federalism in the forthcoming new constitution. The police assault injuring another senior human rights activist and a prominent Newar Indigenous Nationalities leader Malla K Sundar including many unarmed indigenous peoples is outrageous. The police force also dared to arrest Malla K Sundar and several other activists from the site. This reminded us of the repressive Royal King regime prior to the 2006 political change in Nepal. This is a shame for the so called democratic Government of Nepal, a total violation of freedom of speech and peaceful gathering.

Aiming at empowering the world’s indigenous people and recognizing the value and the diversity of the cultures and the forms of the social organization of the world’s indigenous people, the United Nations endorsed various resolutions. In 2004, the UN General Assembly proclaimed a Second International Decade, from 2005 – 2014, with the theme of ‘A Decade for Action and Dignity’. The theme aimed to highlight the importance of implementing the rights of indigenous peoples through policies and programmes at both the national and international level working together towards this common goal with Governments, the United Nations system, indigenous peoples and other stakeholders. Against this backdrop, the Government  of Nepal has been creating barriers and hurdles in the path of indigenous people’s promotion of their ethnic identity.
We urge the Government of Nepal  to fulfill all the demands of the Nepal’s indigenous people. Furthermore we appeal the Government to guarantee the basic fundamental rights to
peaceful protest, freedom of speech, and apologize for its unrestrained action against Nepal’s indigenous people’s movement.
20 January 2015 A.D.
Yours' Sincerely,
Anish Shrestha
Vice President & Head- International Affairs 

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