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USA to transport 20,000 gallons of breathable air for Obama’s visit to Delhi ??

US security agencies have decided to transport Air apart from flying in vehicles, equipment, oil tankers, choppers and thousands of American security personnel for the US for the President’s breathing needs during his stay in Delhi as the chief guest for India’s Republic Day celebrations. 
“Three agents are suffering from severe asthma-like symptoms, two others are suffering from dizziness and cough, and one guy has slipped into a coma. That’s when we realized that more than any terrorist strike, the Delhi air poses a serious security threat to POTUS.” said a Secret Service Agent.

The Secret Service Agent added, “As per plans, 20,000 gallons of breathable air will be brought by an American Navy ship to the Mumbai port from where it will be transported to Delhi via a highly-guarded tanker. President Obama will take his place beside President Pranab Mukherjee wearing a specially designed gas mask connected to a cylinder of American air, while Secret Service agents will take positions at specific vantage points around the VVIP enclosure armed with guns and Air Pollution Meters”
Indian security agencies aren’t happy with the mounting list of protocol modifications required of them by their US counterparts. “Kitna paka rahe hain yaar!” grumbled a RAW official. “They want us to shut down half the city. They want us to stop all vehicular traffic on the Delhi-Agra Highway. They want Obama to travel in his own car instead of Pranabda’s car. And now this!”
“Considering that most members in the VVIP box including President Pranab Mukherjee have spent decades in Delhi and possess lungs that have adapted to this environment, it is clean air that poses a security threat to their systems,” said a top ranking official.

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