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Co-operative Movement Can Bring About Unity & National Integrity haibasida Seminar Pangthokhre.

CNS: Manipur State Co-operative Union na sinduna nongmagi oiba co-operative movement can bring about unity & national integrity haiba hiram sida nongmagi oiba state level seminar ama Gandhi Memorial Hall, Imphal da pangthokhre.
Seminar aduda Govt. of Manipur,  Cooperative gi Principle Secy. K. Moses Chalai, IAS na Chief Guest Retd. Additional Registrar Cooperative Societies, Manipur gi Th. Manao Singh na Guest of Honour oiduna seminar adu hounabi matung enna seminar adu houdokhi.

Th.Manaoba Singh na guest of honour ama oina seminarduda mahakki paper present toukhiba.
Bishnupur gi D.C.O Kh. Tomba Singh na state ki thakta leiba afaba cooperative chaokhathannaba semba committee amagi lamjing lamtakki makhada cooperative chaokhathanba ngamgani haina fongdokhibaga loinana matomta makhongna maromdom lepchaba ngamjadaba apunbagi sakti sagattrabadi upai leijadaba wakhal mannaba mioisingna semjaba kanglupni cooperative hairibasi.
India Government gi sangbidan 97 lak suba oina semdoktuna cooperativegi ehou fagatnaba hotnaribadugi matung enna Manipurdasu 5 suba oina cooperative act semdokhibaga loinana state asida cooperative chaokhathannaba hotnari.

Houjik houjikna Cooperative Department ta Joint Registrar oina thou puriba Retd. Additional Registrar Th.Manao Singh na The Crisis of National Integrity Can Be Solved when There is Good Co-Operative Movement haibasida sugaina seminar aduda saruk yaribasingduda wa ngangkhi.
Th.Manao Singh gi paper aduda asumna hai India is Country that compromises 29 states & 7 Union Territories inhabited by different castes of different religion where “Secularism” is respected. Every Citizen of India is guaranteed Right to Freedom of Religion & all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience & the right freely to profess practice & propagate religion.
Co-operative is such an area where everyone irrespective of caste & creed, is welcomed to learn work together, to earn together & to share for each & for all which is based on “Each for all & all for each.”

If co-operative societies are organised by all communities jointly inhabited in within an area & work together earning therein for their livelihood, the integration of the area will be secured & safe.

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