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Congress slams govt for sacking Home Secy

Criticising the government for sacking Home Secretary Anil Goswami, the Congress on Thursday said the BJP government wants to create fear among the bureaucracy and alleged that a “coterie” in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office is trying to control the entire bureaucracy and the government.

“The sacking of the Home Secretary is the latest one. The Foreign Secretary was sacked unceremoniously some days ago so were the chiefs of the SPG and DRDO. The Chairperson of the Censor Board quit after being pressured. This government’s dictatorial attitude is making all of the bureaucracy disappointed, frustrated and angry,” Congress spokesperson P C Chacko said.
“This government is sending a message. Two or three people in the Prime Minister’s office, a coterie, they want to control the entire bureaucracy and the government. India is such a big country. It is not going to work. No self-respecting person in the bureaucracy can work today freely. They are being watched, instructed, and fired by the PMO,” he said.
When pointed out that Goswami was sacked because he allegedly tried to interfere in a CBI investigation, Chacko said, “There may be some reason or the other. Sitting in his position as Home Secretary, he might have inquired about something. I don’t know whether he interfered on his (Matang Sinh) behalf or he tried to stop it (arrest). Or whether he simply was trying to know what is happening. We do not know.
But is this the way of tackling that,” he said.

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