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Memorandum on Conservation of Forests & Environment of Manipur-the only answer to all the environment related problems? SECC, Imphal.

It is a matter of pride for all of us in Manipur that our State falls under the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Region which is one of the 34 Biodiversity Hotspots of the World. As we are aware of the fact that a Biodiversity Hotspot region is a geographic area where 0.5% or 1500 endemic vascular plant species  are present and at least 70% of its natural habitat is lost due to human pressure.

Being fallen under the indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot region, Manipur is home to a number of endemic faunal and floral species, the foremost among them being the Sangai, Hoolock Gibbon ape, the Himalayan bear etc. It is also home to many endangered species like Golden Cat, Clouded Leopard, Slow ,Loris, Spotted Linsang, Hog Badgers, Mrs. Humes barred back Pheasant, Blyth’s Tragopan, Burmese peafowl, Jungle fowl etc.
Manipur is blessed with more than 400 angiosperm plants, 430 medicinal plants, 500 orchid species, 34 species of edible fungi,160 fish species,21 aquatic birds. But no, one can’t exactly say that how many of these species are extinct and how many are still present considering the poor conservation initiatives in the state.
The Concept of “Biodiversity hotspot” was first suggested by British Ecologist Norman Myers in 1988 and it is meant to be used as tool for conservation works by Governments, UN Agencies, Policy Makers, Global Organisations, Scientific Community and other Stakeholders concerned. It is not a complementary term as most of us think. We can rather take its as a word warning because a particular geographic area or region is declared as Biodiversity Hotspot only when the presence of 0.5% of world’s total endemic plant species ie.
 about 1500 endemic species are verified and 70% of its natural habitats is lost due to human pressure. This means the area once declared as biodiversity hotspot need immediate action for conservation because it
is home to large number of endemic species which are not found in other places of the world.
In this regard, we are to state that it has been 15 year since the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Region was declared as one of the 34 Biodiversity hotspots of the world in 1999 and unfortunately, we have not seen any concrete conservation initiatives taken up by the Government of Manipur in the line of the concept till today. Rather, the condition of the forest and environment is degrading day by day due to overexploitation of its natural resources and habitat destruction. Neither the State Government nor the general public seem ready to act in the line of the concept of hotspot till today.

Safe Environment Campaign Committee ,Heingang, Imphal East District, Manipur In view of the above facts and circumstances submit Memorandum to the Manipur Government for taking up necessary conservation programmes through out the State without further delay so as to make our environment and forests safe and sustainable for all. 

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