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Sitting 5 Leigadaba 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly Gi 10 suba Mifam Ngasi Houkhre.

CNS: Manipurgi Governor Dr. Krishan Kant Paul gi tongan tonganba hiramda yumfam oiba warol pibaga loinana mathang thagi tang 3 faoba chathagadaba sitting 5 leigadaba Manipur Legislative 

Assembly gi mifam ngasi hounabi matung enna Governorna houdokhre.

Ngasi ayuk pung 11 taba matamdagi houkhiba Governorgi warol adu numit yungba pung 12:13 faoba pikhi.Mahakki warol adu hek loibaga chatliba chahi asigi January gi tang 6 ta leikhidraba Manipur Legislative Assembly gi hannagi Secretarygi thou puramba Thokchom Chourajit gi mafamda ekai khumnaba utnaba wafam Speaker Thokchom Lokeshworna pukhatlakhibaga loinana membersingna minute 2 tuminna leptuna awaba fongokhi.

Thokchom chourajit leikhidabagi Obituary Reference aduda houseki leadersu oiriba Chief Minister O.Ibobi Singh,T.N Haokip, Minister A.K.Mirabai, M.L.A Th.Shyamkumar, Speaker Lokeshwor na saruk yaraduna makhoi makhoigi oiba mot fongdoknakhi.
Tungda Presentation of Committee Report C.M.Ibobina (to present the 12th Report of the Businees Advisory Committee,2015 ) pukhatlakhi.

Madugi matungda eng 2014-2015 gi Supplementary Demands for Grants O.Ibobi Singh na putkhoki.
Eng 2015-2016gi Budgets Estimates Chief Minister O.Ibobi Singhna puthokhi, budgets puthoklaba matungda eng 2015-2016 gi motion for vote on accounts C.M Ibobina puthokhibaga loinana
eng 2010-2011 amadi eng 2011-2012 gi Demands for Excess Grants houseta Chief Minister O.Ibobina puthokhi.

Ngasi houdokhiba assembly mifam aduda Governor K.K Paulna mahakki warol pikhibada palliba wafamsing adugi hiramsing adudi:-

(1)    Planning & Sate Finances
(2)    Law & Order
(3)    Surrender Scheme of MHA
(4)    Tribal Affairs & Hills
(5)    Food & Civil Supplies
(6)    Education
(7)    Power
(8)    Agriculture & Allied Sector & Natural Resources
(9)    Forest
(10) Veterinary & Animal Husbandry
(11) Sericulture
(12) Irrigation
(13) Horticulture & Conservation & Pisciculture
(14) Justice Delivery
(15) Health & Family Welfare
(16) Drinking Water & Sanitation
(17) Public Works & Infrastructure
(18) Rural Development & Panchayati Raj
(19) Social Welfare
(20) Labour Welfare & Employement
(21) Commerce & Industries
(22) Information Technology
(23) Transport & Connectivity
(24) Youth Affairs & Sports
(25) Arts & Culture
(26) Tourism
(27) Land Resources Management
(28) Cooperation
(29) Economics & Statistics
(30) Election
(31) Information & Public Relations
(32) State Academy of Training

Planning & State finances

The State finance is stabilizing slowly after a period of acute resource constraints. This is mainly on account of prudent management of available resources and persistent effort to raise additional resource by my government. We close 2013-14 with a fiscal and revenue surplus of 273.25 crore and Rs. 1563.96 crore respectively. Our outstanding fiscal liabilities as a percentage of GSDP further decline from 56.89% in 2012-13 to 52.07% in 2013-14. For two consecutive years, we have been able to contain these key fiscal indicators within the ceiling prescribe in the FRBM Act. This is significant achievement considering that the ways and means position was under strain. During the current fiscal and the ensuing fiscal, serious effort will continue to be made for fiscal consolidation process without undermining public investment to sustain the growth momentum.
The State in the last few years witness a great change development of several infrastructure. In the current year, the State has tentative plan size of Rs.3200.00 crore which includes, Rs.450 crore under SPA & Rs.800 crore under SCA. Top priority continues to be accorded to the development of infrastructure particularly Economic Infrastructure. Adequate state share for Centrally funded flagship programmes such as MGNREGA, NRHM, JNNURM, AIBP, IAY etc., has been provided from State Plan.

With a special plan Assistance of Rs. 450 crores under the plan, several projects in the areas of health, road connectivity, power, infrastructure in hill, and water supply are being implemented. Emphasis is given to complete all ongoing projects taken under SPA such as Tribal Areas Inclusive Growth infrastructure Project in 27 blocks, Barrack Type Quarters for primary teachers under the six Autonomous District Councils, Construction of facilities as part of Capital Projects, Mini Secretary Complex in Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Science (JNIMS), State Secretariat as part of Capital Projects, mini secretariat Complex in all district headquarters and three ADC headquarters, and Manipur Sericulture Project Phase-ll. Some new projects are also being implemented like setting up of IT SEZ at Mantripukhri, Construction of Children Home, Flood Control & Anti erosion schemes, up-gradation & improvement of roads in both hill & valley districts, augmentation of Security Infrastructure in Hill districts & strengthening & modernization of existing Rice Research Station, Wangbal.

A number of important projects have been taken up with funds under NLCPR & NEC in the field of Power, Drinking water & Road connectivity, both in hill & Valley areas. For the development of border areas in the State during 2014-15,323 various works are being taken up in the 8 border blocks of Ukhrul, Chandel & Ccpur under Border Area Development Programme With an allocation of Rs.22 crores.
Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, a National Mission on Financial Inclusion has been launched on 

28th August, 2014 & banks in the state have been working hard for Universal access to banking facilities for all households through a bank branch or Business Correspondent (BC) & as on 28-1-2015 have been able to cover 99% of households in the state.
In order to cater to banking & related needs of the people in the State, RBI has agreed for opening of its sub-office in Manipur & State Government has already identified a site for its opening at an early date.

For providing brick & mortar branches in the unbanked blocks of the State, State Government has taken up construction of integrated infrastructures in the 27 unbanked blocks under Tribal Area Inclusive Growth Project. Construction are in the advance stage of completion & will be inaugurated at the earliest.

VAT Computerization is one of the Mission Model Projects (MMP) identified in the National e-Governance Plan jointly funded by Central & State Govt. at 90:10 ratio. Out of the total of nine modules, so far, five important modules namely e-Registration, e-Return, e-CST, e-Payment & e-Waybill have been implemented & is working smoothly & efficiently.
The remaining four modules i.e. e-Feeling of invoices, e-Audit, e-TDS & e-Returned are in the pipeline & will soon be implemented .Online facilities implemented, so far, have brought remarkable transparency & simplification of tax administration in the state & the degree of compliance has increased resulting in enhanced tax collection.

At present, online payment of taxes is only through SBI. However, proposed for facilitation by some more banks in Imphal is under active consideration .

The Central Govt. has proposed GST tax regime to be started from 1st April 2016. The State Govt. has supporting GST regime at all levels of decision making & is preparing for implementation in consonance with Emopowered Committee & Goods & Services Tax Network.

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