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Gurgaon: 16-year-old American girl allegedly raped by man she met on Facebook

Gurgaon: A 16-year-old American girl was raped in Gurgaon, by a man she had befriended on Facebook police said on Thursday. The accused is on the run.

The 22-year-old accused David is an African national, according to The Hindu. He sexually assaulted the girl, whose mother, from Texas, worked with a multinational company in Gurgaon. He had befriended the girl on Facebook nearly six months ago.

"After having two meetings with her last month, the man took her to a guest house in Sector 38 on March 16 and sexually assaulted her," Assistant Commissioner of Police Rajesh Kumar told IANS.

The girl, who has lived in Gurgaon for nearly six months, is a student. "The girl does not have any clue about the accused. He may be living in Gurgaon or Delhi," the officer added.

"The two mobile phone numbers of the accused are switched off. The police are trying to trace him through his Facebook account and mobile phone numbers. The girl has failed to give any other details about him," The Hindu quoted the officer as saying.

Strangely, the girl, a student in Class 9, and her mother did not file a complaint, reportedHindustan Times. However, a case of rape was still registered as information from any source is enough for the police to take action in cases of sexual assault against minors.

"In her statement to the duty magistrate on Wednesday, the girl requested that no harm be done to the accused," HT quoted the girl as saying.

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