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Memorandum on Conservation of Forests & Environment of Manipur-the only answer to all the environment related problems?SECC. Imphal

 Our Demands:-
(1)  That, the Govt. of Manipur in order to save the fast loosing ecosystem & biodiversity of the state should take up immediate necessary actions against indiscriminate felling & burning of trees, mass deforestation, illegal hunting & killing of wild animals & birds, illegal encroachment to forest lands by humans.

                                 (SECC'S  Chairman & Secretary talking to the media person)
(2) That, the State Government in order to save the fast degrading Reserve Forests of Langol, Nongmaiching, Heingang Hills & other historically sacred hills like Koubru & Thangjing should take up immediate protection works using all available State machineries before they become barren.

(3)  That, the Government of Manipur in order to check the changing river pattern, the frequent draught & flood in the State, should take up immediate conservation works keeping top priority on the hills from where tributaries of the main rivers are originated.

(4)  That the Government of Manipur in order to make conservation works more effective & sustainable should frame a “State Forest Policy” in which a clause on “Environment Study” as a subject from standard VI to XII class should also be incorporated.

(5)  That, the State Government I order to save the endangered wild animals & birds such
(6)  That, the State Government in order to make conservation works more effective & meaningful should involve the Village Panchayats/ Zilla Parishads, Village Auhorities / Village Chiefs/NGOs/ Clubs organizations/ Social Forestry Societies in the conservation process for environment and forests & should make it mandatory to mark at least 25% of the available fund under MGNREGS Scheme for this purpose.

(7)  That, the State Government on order to make water available to the farmers through out the year should take up water harvesting programme such as digging of Irrigation Canals etc. at the foot & catchment area of the hills. This will facilitate the farmer community to generate more income by adopting multi-cropping farming system through out the year thereby improving the over all economy of the State.

(8)  That, the State Government in order to stop all forms of illegal hunting, poaching, killing of wild animals & birds using firearms, traps & highly poisonous chemicals should take up appropriate e legal  actions & in case of misuse of firearms by villagers steps like cancelation of license of firearm, confiscation of the weapon involved should be taken up without delay. The State government in order to execute the above task should convey strict instructions to all police stations in the State to activity involve in the process of conservation of wild life & forests & environment of the state without whose help laws & acts how justified they are will remain ineffective like rusted tools.

(9)  That, the State Government should introduce a policy / programme by which Villagers/ Social Forestry Societies / Clubs / Organisations/ Committees/ Panchayats / Village Authorities who are engaged in conservation works are encouraged & awarded with incentives/ grants etc. for their efforts.

(10)                 That, the State Government in order to come out of the present grim situation, should strictly enforce the existing  Rules/ laws such as Manipur Forest rules 1971,Wild Life Protection Act,1980 and if necessary should enforce Honourable Supreme Court of India’s Ruling on complete ban on tree felling irrespective of land ownership. In this regard, we suggest the Government of Manipur to amend the Manipur Forest Rules, 1971 as well, as we find it very weak to contain the present menace of deforestation in the State.

(11)   That, the Government of Manipur in order to implement the above mentioned programmes successfully should educate the people specially  who are living in and around the Forests area in the hills by way of conducting ‘Mass Awareness Campaign’ through out State without which all conservation efforts will be useless.

With regards.
                                                                            Yours faithfully,       
Mutum Inaobi Singh                                                             James Khongbantabam
(Chairman,Safe Environment Campaign Committee)(Secretary, Safe Environment Campaign Committee)

Date: 08/ 05/2014

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