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Prime Minister Narendra Modi when went to America has delivered his speech in Hindi. He was the first prime minister of India who delivered his speech at White house in Hindi. It shows his love and concern about Hindi. But what is the reality of the condition of Hindi in higher education and in literature field. Now – a-days the season of Book Fair has arrived and so the fair is going to be organized in district headquarters to the capital cities. 

So, it would be the right time to talk about Hindi and its condition. As the fair starts those who are concern with Hindi literature will start crying that the English literates avoid the Hindi literature and so the condition of the Hindi literature and the conditions of Hindi writers and poets are so pity in comparison to English writers.  Roughly speaking but it is a fact that Book Fair and UGC in large forums before the end of the fund of this season (before March) i.e November-December-January-February will organize Seminars on Hindi and will become a picnic or sightseeing for the lovers and their families too.

It is said that the Hindi is the dead society in reading culture and so the best sellers are always the English novel or the books. The question arises here why the condition of books of Hindi so? Why the books of English writer become bestseller over night?  How the consciousness of Hindi literature students will be developed as a voracious reader. It is important to make interest in literature but how is it possible when we do “Chaur-karya” (copying of literature)? This could be very clear to you by an example of Manipur University. It is a Matter of a few months ago. The news came at the beginning of the year about  a professor of Manipur University's Hindi Department. It is reported that Dr H. Subadani Devi has become the goddess for her Ph.D. Students. The Save Education Group, an Uttar Pradesh based Education organization has filed a case with the UGC long back. It may be a matter of serious concerned that on one side the present govt. is trying to impart quality education in India, but on other hand irregularities and malpractices are continued in the education sectors. Let us come to the story of plagiarism. The research scholars have allegedly been awarded with PhD degrees under the supervision of Dr H. Subadani Devi, department of Hindi, MU totally violating the research norms laid by the UGC. In this Case study the four individuals have copied huge chunks of subject matter from each other’s thesis. Dr H. Subadani Devi has not only failed to stop her research scholars from committing mal practices but did not follow the PhD regulations. The first thesis subjected “Bheem sahani ke Upanyason ka Samaj Shastry Adhyayan” (submitted in the year 2001) containing 179 pages, out of which 17 pages are totally copied while 86 are alleged to be copied. The next thesis submitted by another Scholar (in 2005) of the total 360 pages titled “kamaleshwar  ke upanyason ka samaj Shastriya Adhyayan. ” In this thesis 86 pages are alleged to be copied.

The third thesis titled “Abdul bismillah ke upanyason ka Samaj Shastriya adhyayan ” was submitted in 2008, in which 97 pages are alleged to be copied.This thesis contains a  total of 208 pages only. The fourth thesis of a student submitted in 2008   titled “Mannu Bhandari ke Upanyason ka Samaj shastriya adhyayan.” Out of the total of 189 pages, 60 pages are copied.

It may be interesting to know that many topics are same in contents/ synopsis of every thesis. There is a thesis prepared under professor H. Subadani Devi, in which  no references has been given in the whole thesis.  It is the matter of concern in this case that topics of more than one thesis are similar in lines, only the name of the writer selected for research is changed.

It can’t be excused that the supervisor is unaware or has ignored the use of all these unfair means in the research work.   And if she has done it knowingly why was she not dismissed from her post yet. Who were the examiners of these Ph.D. thesis and why they have not examined these thesis carefully? Sources informed that the SEG filed a complaint on January 15, 2013 with UGC, but there is no information regarding any action taken by any authority of UGC. It has come to know that SEG had send a copy of the complaint to the VC of The Manipur University, but he is not ready to look into the matter. There is a question that why the VC is shielding professor H. Subadani Devi, who has ruined the prestige of Manipur University and spoiled the life of so many students?

It is the matter of concern over the unhealthy practices so the SEG has put up a charter of demands for immediate execution. It has also demanded that an independent inquiry committee be constituted to look in to the irregularities in preparation of the thesis and submitted under the supervision of Dr H Subhadani devi. Unless the necessary legal and administrative action is taken against a person or professor like Dr. H. Subadani devi the malpractices will not be stopped in higher education. It may be brought to the notice of Hind loving people that Dr. Subadani Devi is not the last or only case of plagiarism in the field of research, but there may be  so many cases in the same pattern.  There is a need to take stringent action against all of them. Then only the condition of Hindi language be changed.  

Source: Tehelka News

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