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Lamborghini Gallardo crashes in central Delhi

In what could have been another one of those major accidents in which a high-speed luxury car is involved past midnight, a major mishap was averted on Wednesday late night when a Lamborghini Gallardo turned turtle near Copernicus Marg in the Capital.

The yellow-coloured luxury car was reportedly being driven at 150 kmph when it hit the pavement on one side of the road. No one, however, was injured in the accident.

A police constable on duty in the area claimed he saw the luxury car, which can reach 0-100 kmph in 3.9 seconds, running wildly on the outer circle of C-Hexagaon at Copernicus Marg around 1.15 am.
"The car was very fast, and ended up hitting the pavement of a park between Copernicus Marg and Tilak Marg. The driver immediately got out the car after the accident and ran away," a senior police officer said, adding that the driver is still absconding.

"The car had no number plate. However, we found the car papers inside and consequently the vehicle registration number as well," the officer added. The car is in the name of a real estate company in Noida.

The Delhi Police has registered a case under appropriate Sections, including Section 279 (rash driving), of the Indian Penal Code and the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

According to a senior traffic police officer, these luxury cars are not very easy to handle as they can reach up to 200 kmph in just 10 seconds.
Though these cars have high-end safety features, a speed of over 150 kmph can have disastrous effects on the car, and the safety provisions can often prove to be useless.

In this case too, the speed of the car went out of the driver's control and led to the accident," the traffic police officer added.

This is not the first such incident in Delhi where people, after midnight, bring out their high-speed cars on to the city roads and imagine them to be racing tracks.

In October 2011, a young man was driving a Porsche sports car model at around 180 kmph near 
India Gate when the car met with an accident. According to an eyewitness, the car was barely recognisable after the accident. The impact was such that the front right tyre uprooted and landed on top of the car's engine. In 2012, real estate tycoon Anukool Rishi died on the BRT corridor when his luxury car hit a cyclist.


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