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Indian Army continues to provide aid to affected population

The Indian Army continues to provide aid to affected population and areas in close coordination and cooperation with the Nepal Army.
Following stores have been/ are being inducted by the Army :- 
(a)     The ALHs have been replaced and continue to be employed for rescue efforts in Pokhra and adjoining areas. They have conducted eight sorties in the last two days and evacuated one person and moved 16 others apart from delivering 3 tons of relief material to inaccessible areas.     

(b)     The Indian Army Field Hospitals and the medical teams treated 443 patients in the last two days.
(c)     The ETFs have cleared 430 cubic meter of debris along withdebris of 12 damaged houses in Bakhtapur&Chitrapur.  As of todaythetask force at Barpak has cleared 4,000 meter of trackbetweenBarpakto  Baluwa via Mandhra and another 245 meter betweenBarpakBalua and Bakhpur. Another 60 meter wascleared inSuryamodi and 30 meter at Bhaktapur. The ETF is also providing assistance along with the local population in repairinghouses and helped construct 14 shelters as of date to bringrespite to the localsfrom the anomaliesof weather. The Engineer    teams helped in controlled demolition of two houses in the last two days to avert risk to civilians from damaged buildings prone tocollapsing.  The teams are also extending help to the villagers in recovery of their household goods from their damaged houses.
(d)     An IL 76 aircraft was sent to  Nepal with 25.5 tons of reliefmaterial to include tarpaulin, tents, blankets & food items on 07 May.  One C-17 carrying tarpaulin, 175 tents, 500 blankets, 0.5 tons medicine, 9.5 tons food items and ALH blades was sent to Kathmandu from Palam at 2213hour yesterday. Today one C17 with 50  tones of Tarpaulin, Blankets and food is being planned to be sent to Kathmandu, in coordination with MEA and NDMA.  

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