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Know Your Manipur Epigraphical Records

Chumthang Chronicle Service,
Imphal/10 June/2015/Chumthang Chronicle: Epigraphical records represent the human thoughts, actions and ideas. The are mostly preserved on stones and metals in the form pf writing. In Manipur a few records are found, which belong to late historical period.

The inscriptions deal with the order of kings, tribal taboos, customary laws, boundaries, historical events, clan, tribe’s origin, culture, religion, etc. The stone inscription from Khoibu Village belong the period of King Marjit Singh(1813-1819 A.D.) but the contents are the accounts of Sameirang (C.518-568 A.D.), Kiyamba (1467-1508 A.D.) and King Paikhomba ( 1666-1697 A.D.) and Mathangsoi the progenitor and declaimer of the Khoibu Village.

In Manipur, the inscriptions are written in archaic Manipuri except for some inscriptions that are written in the Devnagari and Bengali scripts of later period. The contents of the stone inscriptions vary from place to place. The stone inscriptions of Konthoujam and Khoibu describe the status of villagers. The Khoibu stone as well as the stone inscription of Heisnam Lairembi depict the religious and cultural traditions of the localities concerned.

A few inscribed copper plates and iron plates were also found in Manipur. These inscriptions provide information on the region, culture and political development in the contemporary situation. Some of the important inscriptions on sandstone and copper plates collected by the Manipur State Museum, Imphal:(1) Inscribed stone of King Khagemba 1597 A.D.) from Khoibu Village, Chandel District, (2) Inscribed stone of King kiyamba ( 1467-1508 A.D.)from Khoibu Village (3) Inscribed stone King Chandrakirti (1850-1886 A.D.) fromThanga, Mioirang, Bishnupur District, (4) Kharam Pallel copper inscription of king Chandrakirti (1834-1844 A.D.) and (5) a copper plate inscription from Phayeng Village, Imphal West District.

Courtesy: Manipur State Museum, Imphal Folder.
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