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Manipur State Museum Archaeological Gallery

Chumthang News Service,
Imphal, 1stJune,2015: In Manipur, the beginning of history is not clear  because the actual date for the earliest evidences of written records is still a controversy. The first reports of archaeological finds of Manipur was published by W. Yumjao Singh in 1935.
Megalithic stone monuments at willong village, Senapati District, Manipur
He finds include stone inscriptions of 17th & 18th century A.D., copper plates, ancient coins, manuscripts and weapons of war. In 1967, archaeologist O. Kumar began systematic investigations in different parts of the State.

Palaeolithic culture: In 1969, a Palaeolithic site was discovered at khangkhui cave where the finds included stone and bone tools and faunal remains. In 1974, a pebble chopper was discovered from Machi. In 1983, another site was discovered at Songbu cave where the finds consisted of borerscraper, flake, blade-flake, spilt pebble, knife and hand axe. During 1982-84, another site was discovered at Nongpok Keithelmanbi where choppers, scrapers, blades, notch implement, flake, pebble graver, core, spilt pebble and waste flake were found. In 1989, an open –air site was discovered at Singtom where ovate type of hand-axe and flakes were found.

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Courtesy: Manipur State Museum Folder.

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