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M.S.M Archaeological Gallery.

Haobinhian Culture.
In Manipur , Haobinhian culture findings were discovered at Nongpok Keithelmanbi and Tharon Cave. Some of the Nongpok Keithelmanbi findings include chisel edged peeble tool, round edged pebble tool, pebble pick, scraper blad, spilt pebble, pebble, with batter markers, flake and manuport.
Findings at Tharon cave include chopping tool, hand axe, pointed tool, scraper, edge-ground knife, quern, grinder and ground pebbles.

                                                                Neolithic Culture

Four Neolithic sites was discovered in Manipur. In 1981 a Neolithic site was discovered at Napachik. The finds included triangular neoliths with rounded sides, tripod wares decorated with cord marks, pottery, spindle whorls, microliths, edge-ground knife and grinding stone.

Neolithic findings at Nongpok Keithelmanbi were mainly cored wares. Neolithic site at Laimanai revealed potsherds of tripod and corded wares, fragments of grinding stone, waste flakes and flat pebble hammer. Neolithic artifacts including incised, appliqué, net and coed impressed potshreds were discovered from Phunam.

          To be continued next indication Chumthang Chronicle
          Courtesy: Manipur State Museum Folder

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