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M.S.M Imphal Archaeology Gallery: Pottery

Chumthang News Service,
Imphal/7 June/2015: Pottery is an important artifact of human society. By the discovery of the technology of pottery making, a great revolutionary change took place in the human society. In the production of pottery through the aegis in Manipur, we find changes in respect of forms and surface decorations. 
Excavated pottery wares on display
The pre-and proto-historic pottery in Manipur are all hand-made by beating with a paddle which is either plain or cord wrapped or carved. The same technique is still continuing in making both the historic and contemporary ethnographic pottery. The production of cord marked pottery in Manipur continues since the prehistoric Stone Age Culture till today.

Cored wares are found from pre-and proto-historic Stone sites of Nongpok Keithelmanbi, Napachik, Laimanai, Phunan, Sekta, Chibu and Ningel. Pre-and proto-historic and historic pottery and historic pottery of Manipur may be arranged as cored ware, tripod ware, Phunan geometric ware and carved paddle impressed ware, while cored ware were found in all of the temporal periods. The pottery artifacts are important indicators of the Stone age Neolithic Culture of Manipur.

Courtesy: Manipur State Museum, Folder.
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