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Did You Know Manipur Science Aquarium ? at D.M. College Campus, Imphal

Chumthang News Service,              
Imphal/4th July/2015: The first aquarium display was opened to the public in 1853 at Regent’s Park in London and followed by Berlin, Naples, and Paris. Nowadays, hobbyists could keep fish as well as corals etc. in aquarium successfully.
The Greek philosopher Aristole (384-322 B.C) started documenting the science of fish by studying their structure and other characteristics. He carefully recorded accurate information on 115 species have classified more than 20,000 species of fish around the world. The world’s best aquarium is in San Francisco. The best one in India is the Taraporevala Aquarium at Mumbai.

Next to birds, fishes are perhaps the most colourful of animals. They are graceful in their shape, body form and movement. Aquarium is the second largest hobby after photography. They give incalculable recreational and psychological value to the naturalist, enthusiast of fish fauna =, scholars and students of fishery science etc. Many institutions are now devoted to the study of fish biology and their propagation.

The ornamental fishes occupy an important place in the economy of many nations. Indian export of ornamental fish is dominated by wild caught indigenous fishes, mostly from the north east region. India export about 85% of ornamental fishes from this region.

Manipur State has a vast potential of fishery resources. The largest source of fish is the Loktak Lake. A good number of ornamental fishes are available in the state, specially, in the hilly terrain areas.Manipur Science and Technology Council, Imphal with the support of Department of University and Higher Education, Government of Manipur, Imphal established Manipur Science Aquarium at D.M. College Complex, Imphal.To study the behavior of different types, to conserve the fish fauna of the state, to make aware of the available local fishes to the public, to create a place for recreation of the public.

Locally Collected Given Below:-
Pengba, Meitei Ngamu, Ngamu Bogra, Ngashang, Nylon-nga, Lanmeithanbi, Muka-nga, Phabou-nga, Ngakha Meingangbi, Nga-tunghanbi, Ngaton, Silver Carp, Japan Puthi, Puklaobi, Ngapemma, Phetin, Rou, Ngaril, Ngakrijou, Ngatup, Khajing, Ukabi, Kandala, Ngaprum, Ngashep, Ngamhai, Ngarin Leina, Thengu (Tortoise)

Collected from outside Manipur given below:-
Guppies, Gold Fish, Fan Tail, Telescopium, Fighter Fish, Pearl Angel, Black Vale Angel, Albino Gourami, Pearl Gourami, Crocodile Fish, Albino Red Cap, Tetras Tiger Shark, Albino Shark, Sword Tail, Yellow Parrot Fish Red Parrot Fish, Zebra Fish, Black Molli, Red Molli and Marble Molli.

Courtesy: Mastec folder                             

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