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Musical Instrument of Manipur (Chordophone)

Chumthang News Service,
Imphal/18thJuly/2015: This is an ancient bowing stringed instrument of the Tangkhul Community ( tribe of Manipur). It was highly valued and woman and children seldom touched it. The Tangkhuls believed that the sound of Tingteila was very pleasing to the divine ears. Normally this instrument was played during the period from November to April of the following year.
Rah or labung of the Kabuis is another ancient bowing stringed musical instrument.  This instrument was never used at dance performances but used as a companion of  romantic songs. As a customary practice, this instrument was not used before the paddy fields were ready for harvest. This instrument was often played to express their joy and satisfaction over the good harvest.

Known by different names among various ethnic groups of Manipuri, this bowing stringed instrument had been in use among these people in their dance and music performances associated with festivals.

Olobviii or Googoo:
It is an old stringed musical instrument of the Mao and Poumai people. It is made of bamboo of about 4 ft. long with a single string, and it is played by plucking with fingers.

Goudak: Made of bamboo of about 18 inches long, it is a musical instrument of the Gangte tribe.
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Courtesy: Manipur State Museum, Imphal.

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