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NSCN-K Directs Airtel: Withdraw Operations from Nagaland

Chumthang News Service,
Imphal/11thJuly/2015:The NSCN-K on Tuesday directed telecom giants Airtel to withdraw operations from Nagaland state and remove all infrastructures and installations within one month. A press note from the MIP of the NSCN (K) cautioned that failure to act within the stipulated dateline would invite “demolition of every structures and military action shall be enforced upon any company official found contravening this directive.
The NSCN (K) alleged that Airtel “has been found culpable of practising manipulative lobby to misguide certain major NGO and also attempting to create chasm between NSCN/GPRN, civil organisations and Naga public with pure ulterior motive to maximise its profit.” It added that the NSCN/GPRN takes “strong exception of a private company daring to challenge and undermine its authority and such conspiracy shall never be tolerated.

The NSCN (K) further notified that other enterprises/companies willing to accept the local dynamics of Nagaland and prepared to ascribe to interdependent coexistence are invited to establish its commercial undertakings in the state and NSCN/GPRN assures complete cooperation.

Source: North East Today

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