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Complete Text on India and the insurgency group National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) IM Accord

Chumthang News Service
NEW DELHI: A peace accord was sign between the GOI and an insurgent group NSCN (IM) on 3rd August 2015.

Suspicious of the Peace accord the Chief Minister of Manipur has taken time out from his busy schedule to travel down to Delhi specially to demand/pursue a copy of the peace accord from the Prime Minister of India, but return home empty handed satisfied with the PM’s submission that it was just a FRAME WORK and nothing beyond. But surprisingly on the other hand almost every tribal body, churches, village heads, in the state and outside are busy conducting thanksgiving prayer, rallies, meetings and social gatherings, welcoming the Peace accord till today even after 20 days of signing it, which the PM and the Union Home Ministry kept on clarifying that this accord is nothing but just a FRAME. The consequent apprehension in the minds of the common people arising out of this Peace accord seems louder and clearer day by day. Is there anything in the Peace accord which is against the common interest of the sovereignty and people of Manipur? If there be so then isn’t it the right time to show what and who we are.

NSCN IM and India

1.    Extenction of Article 371 A to all Naga inhabitant areas in India

2.    Inter state trade and commerce

3. Regulation and development  of oil field, mineral oil resources, petroleum and petroleum products, other liquids and substance declared as highly inflammable.

4.    Cultivation, manufacture and sale for export of opium.

5.    Regional Supreme court.

6.    Duties and customs including export duties.

7.    Regional Passport office at Dimapur.

8.    Lotteries.

9.    Job reservation 5% in UPSC for all Nagas for a period of 30 years.

10. Creation of 2 BN Military and Para Military forces, 4BN IRB.

Foreign Affairs

11. Diplomatic and consulates.

12. All matters which bring the state into relation with any Foreign Nation in respect of trade and commerce, treaties, agreements with Naga peace talk Foreign Nations. Export and import to and from Foreign Nation Duties and customs including custom duties.

13. Participation in conferences of trade conferences and implementing its decisions.

14. Participation in UNO in matter of human resource development, socio- economic growth, environment and trade relations.

15. Foreign loans and aids human resources

16. Reservation of seats for medical 200 seats before commissioning Medial College and increase by 100% present reserved seats.

17. Medical college, Engineering College and Bio- technology etc.

18. Vocational institutions, Economic Package on infrastructure.

19. Coal based 250 MW thermal Power.

20. Dikhu  Hydro Project, 120 MW, Tizu – Zumki Basin 1500 MW.

21. NH 39, 150, 60 be upgraded to four lane connecting Myanmar.

22. Circular road connecting all the Naga District HQs.

23. Railway.

24. International Airport at Dimapur.

25. Road maintenance fund to be doubled in the Hill Areas in view of young soil and rainfall.

26. Air transport tax and other charges to be subsidized by 50%.

Politics and Administration

27. Nagaland State : Grant 20 MLC+ 2LS + 1RS

28. Manipur Hill Area Delimit to 30 seats from the present 20 seats.

29. Sixth Schedule for ADCs Manipur Hill District and Tirap and Changlang Districts.

Social Organisation

30. Let there be 30 member council of Naga States, to be elected by the MPs, MLAs, MLCs and Member of ADCs in plural system of Voting and funded by Govt. of India under Finance Commission grant with the following responsibilities.

(a)  Customary law and social practices.

(b)  Custodian and interpretation of Agreement with GOI and Foreign Nations.

Myanmar Nagas

31. The poverty and backwardness of Myanmar Nagas is unknown to the world perhaps they are the most backward people living on earth. They still live with no water supply, medical, electricity, education and road. What they require is basic amenities to live grow. Peace and development is what they require. Nagas live together without boundaries before India and Myanmar independence. It was the wish of Nagas to live under one administrative umbrella, which was expressed even before the Indian Independence. But today is fact and reality that  we are growing under two nations and that our dream to live together under one  administrative  umbrella is a wishful thinking only. Although, we cannot under one nation, our wishes for their good  living continue to live in our mind. We therefore, seek from Government of India to provide basic infrastructures in Naga inhabitant areas in Myanmar keeping in view of peace and socio- economic relations. Pending the issue of sovereignty for consideration after a period of time as agreed between two parties, we may suggest for negotiation for Naga state with Myanmar Government.

32. Finance Commission to consider for special financing in view of delay in finding political solution which has resulted underdevelopment and slowed growth in human resources building and the young soil and high rainfall.

33. Planning commission to make time bound programme for human resources and economic infrastructure to become self content. Some  of the points may be  included in addition to actual peace accord. (Purely a speculate point only)

Ø  A separate constitute for a Nagalim (which has overlapping status with the Constitution of India)

Ø  Naga Flag.

Ø  Nagas will have Naga Passport.

Ø  Joint foreign affairs.

Ø  Permanent UN representative.

Ø  Joint military (in case of Foreign Affairs) time bound until Nagas can stand on their own.

Ø  Use of currency: Rupee (right to use Naga currency but rupee to be used for time being)

Ø  Pan – Naga Govt. to cover all the Naga inhabitant areas

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