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MTLT opposes idolizing of Gaidinliu; backs AYO

DIMAPUR (NPN): Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem (MTLT) has expressed stiff opposition to Centre and state government’s move to idolize Gaidinliu.

In a press release, MTLT media cell said that the body extends “wholehearted and unwavering solidarity with fellow brethren– Angami Youth Organization (AYO) and other Angami organizations in opposing the move to idolize and distort the Naga history by trying to uphold this so called ‘ranimaa’ Gaidinliu by building monuments in her honor in Kohima, the capital.” 

MTLT said enough intellectuals and writers have written enough about her and that MTLT was well aware of “who or what Gaidinliu was.” It said “Gaidinliu was just a cult leader, who was imprisoned by the British and was released after Indian independence and fought against the Naga National Council.”  While pointing out that the title ‘rani’ was given by the then PM, Jawaharlal Nehru for whatever reason, MTLT however made it clear that for Nagas, there was no word called ‘rani’ or ‘raja’ in the vernacular langauages and that there never was a ‘rani’ or ‘raja’. The sobriquet ‘rani’ to Gaidinliu was nothing but a mockery, it added. “Just because an Indian prime minister, out of emotion, called a cult leader as ‘rani’ doesn’t mean that the particular person suddenly become sanctified and become an offspring of the royal blood,” MTLT stated. 

MTLT said it wondered “how a cult leader, that also from another state, be venerated in a Christian state, even to the extent of building a statue and a museum-cum-library in the capital city of Nagaland.” 

Perplexed about the designs of the Centre and state governments towards such an initiative, MTLT said it has deeply hurt the sentiments of the Naga people.

The youth body said it would have no problem “if the project was implemented in her native village or in Delhi or anywhere, except in those places where the name ‘gaidinliu’ is received with abhorrence and is synonymous with anti-Naga.”

It further said that Gaidinliu was “nothing but just a heretic and an anti-Naga.” “Her opposition to the Naga people by her actions cannot be erased by simply building a statue of her or constructing a museum cum library or etching her face in the Indian currency. History cannot be erased just like that, after all, the Bible says, ‘truth triumphs’, MTLT added. 

While extending solidarity with the Angami brothers, MTLT also made a clarion call to every right thinking people, irrespective of tribes or region, to deeply ponder about the sinister designs of the central and state governments orchestrated by the likes of RSS and the VHP. 

The body said, MTLT as one with all likeminded Naga youths, would work towards a harmonious and prosperous Naga society, but not at the cost of our dignity. 

MTLT further appealed to the state government to reconsider the project and also urged upon the concerned civil society particularly the Church to rise up against such anti-naga designs.

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