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Muivah addresses Consultative Meet and Explains on ‘Pan-Naga Hoho’, shared sovereignty under Peace Accord

DIMAPUR (NPN):NSCN (I-M) general secretary Th. Muivah reaffirmed that the framework of the Naga Peace Accord should lead to an acceptable and honourable settlement of the “Indo-Naga issue”.

He said this while speaking at the 8th Naga Consultative Meeting held at Niathu Resort, Chumukedima Monday to a gathering that included various Naga tribal organisations both from within and outside India. 

It was also learnt that Muivah had spoken about the proposed ‘Pan-Naga Hoho’ that would look after the welfare of Naga areas which could not be included in the Naga integration due to geographical location. 

It was also learnt, that Muivah had revealed, that the government of India had accepted it as part of the competencies. He said the ‘Pan-Naga Hoho’ will be a statutory body with certain powers having separate budget, and “very unique for the Nagas”. 

According to Th. Muivah, both negotiating sides however agreed to share the competencies by respecting people’s wishes on “sharing sovereign power” as defined in the competencies where both sides agreed on a peaceful co-existence.

A resolution adopted after the consultative meeting expressed appreciation and acknowledgement to the government of India and NSCN(I-M) for signing of the framework agreement on August 3,2015 which should lead to an acceptable and honourable settlement of the “Indo-Naga issue”. It was also resolved to reiterate and uphold resolutions adopted at previous Naga people’s consultative meetings and to ceaselessly work towards unity in a spirit of forgiveness and oneness. 

Meanwhile, a press statement issued by the MIP/NSCN(I-M) acknowledged the “spirited response” of the Naga people and expressed its sincere gratitude and satisfaction to all participants as well as well wishers “far and wide across Nagalim”. 

MIP said it also looked forward to more such significant consultations in future and that at the end of it, due to the concerted efforts “ we have taken a historic decision today for the Nagas”.

With this confidence and affirmation established, the NSCN will continue to work out with the government of India, what was best for the Naga people. 

It was also learnt that the issue between the Sumi Hoho and other Sumi frontal organisations and the NSCN(I-M) was at a stage of being solved. Both sides reportedly agreed to bury the differences although the final outcome would be known after certain points were resolved.

Meanwhile, NSCN (I-M) leadership is scheduled to hold a meeting on Wednesday (August 26) with all the 60 legislators of Nagaland at Dimapur. The meeting is proposed to be held at Chumukedima, police complex. It was not known whether NSCN (I-M) general secretary Th. Muivah would be attending the meeting 

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