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Nagaland needs leader Like Jadonang

JALUKIE (CNS):Haipou Jadonang (1905-1931) was honoured in befitting manner during his 84th Martyr Day here today at Baudi Hall organised by Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam, Manipur, Nagaland) in association with All Zeliangrong Students’ Union (AMN).

Addressing the gathering as chief guest, Naga Hoho president, P Chuba Ozukum said that Naga people are at a threshold of a major change in the political system.

“For decades we have struggled and hoped for a change and in the course many of us had lost hope, but now when we have been presented with a solution. Many are left to wonder if we the Nagas are prepared to take this change when there is no unity among us and when tribalism and individualism is the norm of the day,” he said.

“If we can rise above all these, there can be a ray of hope in our future,” he affirmed, adding the need of the hour is unity among factions, tribes, churches, villages and even among family.

He further maintained that Naga integration under one political roof is not a recent introduction, but had been there since the British colonial regime. The Nagas were then politically weak, helpless and disunited to resist the British power, he said. He added it was during the British colonial regime that Jadonang, a young social and religious reformer and a freedom fighter emerged. Ozukum recalled that the British at that time imposed oppressive tax on the Nagas which seriously affected their livelihood. It was during that time in 1927 when the Nagas were badly in need for social and political unity and Jadonang appeared in the forefront.

“He boldly stood against the British autocratic rule. Jadonang spearheaded a political programme to bring about political liberation by driving away the British who were regarded as outsiders,” he stated. “He mobilized support of villages on the program of overthrowing foreign rule and establishing the historical Naga Raj.”

Nagaland in the present context, Ozukum stated, needs such kind of leaders – “a leader willing to sacrifice all selfish motives and willing to give one’s all for the Naga cause.” Ozukum also challenged the gathering to think about the future and aspiration of the people and march forward for a united family.

Ozukum was accompanied by Naga Hoho Assembly Secretary K. Elu Ndang and Naga Hoho secretary (Admin) Chitho Nyusou.

On the occasion, rich tribute was offered for the sacrifices made by Jadonang through a patriotic song by students of Zeliangrong Heraka School, Jalukie B Village. The progamme, led by Azin Chawang, commenced with prayer by Pastor of LBP Samzuiram, Asanbo. President of Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN) Raitu Chawang delivered the welcome address and ZSUN president Amonbo proposed vote of thanks.

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