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NSCN-Khaplang: Firm on Naga Sovereignty

Chumthang News Service,
Imphal/2015: The NSCN -K has “unequivocally” affirmed its “conscience driven quest” for “reclamation” of ‘Naga sovereignty.’ Stating that the NSCN (K) is under no obligation to “either agree or disagree” with the ‘accord’ appended by the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India, a press statement from the group held that it is the “sole prerogative” of NSCN (IM) to “arrive at any kind of conclusion which they have been serving for, for the last 18 years,” and “correspondingly,” the “accord” is intended “exclusively” for NSCN (IM).
The statement was made by Lt. Gen. Niki Sumi, Military Supervisor (West), released through the PRO of the NSCN (K). “The Naga struggle for sovereignty is an international political conflict between nations,” the press note stated and that the NSCN (K) is “humbled yet determined to carry ahead this sacred commission passed onto us at the cost of thousands of precious lives of Naga pioneers.” In that, the NSCN (K) ceasefire agreement with Myanmar, it informed, “is only logistics in nature as is prerequisite to initiate meaningful political process and which is yet to take off.”

The NSCN (K) also found itself “privileged and committed to strengthen the revolutionary fraternities of every genuine sovereignty aspirants of ethnic West South East Asians.” Lt. Gen. Niki Sumi also stated that over the past 3-4 years, GPRN/NSCN (Khehoi) has been “manufacturing misleading commercials” such as ‘Nagas of Nagaland,’ ‘Nagas of Manipur’ or ‘Nagas of Myanmar’. However, he iterated that “the Nagas are no longer naive to be hoodwinked by such India-fed limerick.”

His statement reiterated that “we do not recognise imposed international boundaries but continue to defy it.” The NSCN (K) firmly held that “East or West, North or South, no parts of Naga country are alienable,” and upheld the “intrinsic ideal of compact Naga nation composing of every Naga inhabited area as historically established and conceived by our forefathers.”
“Even if destiny eludes NSCN, as long as the Earth endures, it is our conviction that there shall arise in every generation true Naga patriots to lead the national liberation until the appointed time for the Almighty God’s will is never late or early,” the NSCN (K) Military Supervisor maintained.

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