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APO position on Aug 3 Framework Agreement

KOHIMA (MExN): The Angami Public Organisation (APO) today urged that no violence or threat of violence in any manner should be adopted by the NSCN (IM) and the Gol in the “implementation of the settlement” with regard to the Framework Agreement signed between the two entities.

A press note from the APO termed this as an “over-riding concern” which it shares with all other tribe Hohos. “Neither of the Entities working out a settlement of the political conflict, said to be one of the longest running in the modern world, is expected by all the Nagas to be anything but totally responsible and unequivocal on this prerequisite for the settlement,” the APO said.

Any political settlement, the APO further said, “should not weaken what the Nagas have already achieved together at great sacrifice…” It advised against “fragmentation or counter-productive solutions that undermine the consolidation process that has been taking place during the past century.” It further stated that “no tribe must take advantage of the current inevitable instability for their narrow strategies which will render our crisis uncontrollable.”

The APO also reminded how it has consistently maintained that “in the event the Gol ruled out recognition of the well-known Naga position on sovereignty as understood and fought for by the Nagas from the beginning, NSCN (IM) needed to first transparently work out a common position with the other Naga Political Groups of the struggle for a settlement that would be honourable, acceptable and therefore workable.”

The next step, it added, would be to take the agreed position thus evolved by the National workers to the public, including the NGOs. “This would be required if the negotiation had to be for something other than the original position of the Naga struggle.”

Having said this, the APO however acknowledged that the “NSCN (IM) in their collective wisdom has taken the step without prior inclusion of the other NPGs with regard to the negotiation terms for settlement.”

Meanwhile, the APO viewed that with regard to the nomenclature for a Naga homeland, the term “Nagaland was adopted by a due process under the Naga National Council (NNC) when factions and groups had not yet appeared.” “Hence, the Nagas should decide, perhaps by a referendum whether Nagaland or Nagalim is to be the accepted name of their homeland,” it proposed.

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