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Mizo ‘sex’ photos resurface on blog

MIZORAM: Scandalous pictures of Mizo celebrities have resurfaced on the internet! 

On opening ME’s Gmail today we received one Google ‘Mizo’ Alert and there was this link that leads us to a blog that showcased alleged photos and videos of well-known and no-so-popular Mizos.

The blogger, Linda Mizo, using blogspot platform has posted allegedly nude photos and sex videos of Mizo celebrities from the likes of gospel singers Lalruatmawii, Rosy K.Remsangpuii, Liandingpuii, Zioni and former Mizoram Youth Icon Malsawmtuangi besides others. (Photos  are not published due to sensitivity of the issue. WARNING: Avoid visiting blog as it maybe offensive to you)

The strange thing about this blog is that it is has been online since 2005! What is more surprising is that the Mizoram Police seems to be clueless about the identity of the blogger or worst may not be aware of its existence.
(RIGHT) Linda Mizo? The profile picture of the blogger.

The blogger, claiming to be Linda Mizo, (profile can be see here says that she is still “single” and “Want you to enjoy life to the fullest. May even love to have a one night stand with ya”.

Known by other nicknames like Mami, Puiteii, Linda Mizo, in her Google profile further states that she Byanfart, Cripfort mount, Greyhound.

Commenting on this blog and how Linda could have all these pictures, one of the earliest Mizo bloggers, Mr. L.Neitham, said:  “He or she could have collected it from here and there.”

The state police is practically helpless in tracking crime when it comes to the internet, Mr. Neitham an internet expert added.

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