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MNPF calls for collective struggle

IMPHAL: Community based revolutionary movements can never win back the lost sovereignty of Manipur. The Manipur Naga Peoples’ Front (MNPF) is committed to unification of both the hills and valley for a unified liberation movement.

Speaking to media persons at an undisclosed location close to Myanmar border yesterday, MNPF Chairman John Francis said that MNPF was officially established on March 11, 2013.
There is no cadre or officer in the rank and file of MNPF who defected or split from other revolutionary groups.
Though the outfit was officially established in 2013, it started its activities around five years earlier.
All the indigenous people of Manipur have a common ancestry and they must live with freedom, and this is a firm conviction of MNPF, John Francis said.
Calling upon all the indigenous people of the land to live in peace and harmony, all armed struggles waged in the interest of a single community can never achieve its goal, he asserted.
On being enquired about the framework agreement signed between NSCN-IM and Government of India, John Francis maintained they have little concern with the agreement for all agreements do not necessarily mean they would be translated into action.
It has been a consistent policy of the Government of India to sharpen the hill-valley divide and consolidate their rule over Manipur.
In another word, Government of India has been conspiring to create conflicts among different ethnic groups of the North East region in general and Manipur in particular.
Taking into account the framework agreement signed on August 3 this year, four agreements have been signed between Government of India and Naga militant groups.
A nine-point agreement was signed in 1947 followed by the 16-point agreement signed in 1960. Then the Shillong Accord was signed in 1975. All these agreements were rejected by NSCN-IM General Secretary Th Muivah, John Francis said.
Moreover, the concept of forming a new State or nation based on cultural similarities is too far-fetched in the contemporary period. On being enquired about the three Bills passed by the Manipur Legislative Assembly for protection of indigenous people and the vehement opposition raised by hill people thereafter, John Francis asserted that all those matters are restricted within the Constitution of India.
“As such, we don’t have any comment on all these matters”, he added.
Nonetheless, the centuries old bond of fraternity shared between hill people and valley people cannot be put at risk.
“We would like all the people to sit together and bring an amicable solution”, he continued.
Talking about the activities of MNPF, he said that their cadres attacked AR troops, killed one personnel and injured two others at Chahong Khunou, Ukhrul district in 2014.
Earlier in 2013, MNPF attacked and killed two CRPF personnel at Laikoiching.
It was MNPF which ravaged the office of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) as TNL was working as a frontal organisation of NSCN-IM, John Francis added.

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