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Promote indigenous value systems : RPF

IMPHAL: RPF President Irengbam Chaoren has called upon all the indigenous people of Manipur to prevent permanent settlement of Indian people.

Saluting all those people who have laid down their lives in the journey of the revolutionary movement and conveying best regards to all the countrymen on the occasion of the PLA’s 37th raising day (September 25), Chaoren categorically stated that the foremost task which lies before the present generation is prevention of Indian people from settling permanently on the soil of Manipur.

A lengthy statement issued by the rebel leader asserted that if the incessant influx is not checked in time, the existing ad-hoc political set up of Manipur would be put under serious threats.

More importantly, permanent settlement of Indian people will prove to be a serious impedance to the liberation movement.

Planting Indian population on the soil of Manipur and making the Indian population the majority community of Manipur is a lethal strategy devised by India to suppress the revolutionary movement of the land.

“For all these reasons, all our people should stop befriending and playing host to Indian people in the collective interest of the Nation’s future”, Chaoren asserted.

Most of the anti-social and criminal incidents which take place in contemporary Manipuri society are outcomes of Manipuri people’s emulation and imitation of the Indian people and their social system. Manipuri people and Indian people are poles apart in terms of social traditions, culture, physical features etc.

Blindly imitating the Indian people and their way of life after overlooking the unbridgeable gap of differences resulted in disastrous changes in Manipuri society.

“We can undo this socio-political blunder only by reviving and promoting indigenous traditions and value systems. In order to re-establish a vibrant and thriving society, we must re-visit our history and protect our identity at all costs”, reads the statement.

The existing Manipur-India conflict has its roots in the diverse histories of the two countries and it has not been settled yet. There is no possibility of resolving the conflict within the constitution of India. Manipur’s sovereignty was recognised by peoples of WESEA and the international community.

Manipur had a tryst with democracy and democratic way of life before India. Manipur adopted a constitution in 1947 and an elected Government was set up next year through adult franchise.

However, Manipur was forcibly annexed to India on September 21, 1949. The National Parliament of Manipur was also dissolved forcefully on October 15, 1949 in total contravention of United Nations principles and rules. Annexation of Manipur to India has neither legal validity nor moral vindication as the people of Mani- pur never gave their consent to become Indian citizens.

Source: The Sangai Express

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