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Ukhrul Bodies Seek Resignation of MLAs

UKHRUL(CNS): The Tangkhul community, during a joint consultation meet held today at Tangkhul Nagalong (TNL), decided to notify the Tangkhul MLAs to resign from their respective seats as they have gone against the will of the people by signing the Bills which are anti-tribal and for not staging a walkout from the Assembly on the day the Bills were passed.

Accusing the three MLAs of Ukhrul of betraying the Tangkhul community, the meeting attended by all Tangkhul frontal organisations decided to launch strong agitation against the three MLAs if they fail to resign from their respective seats within 30 days.

Asserting that the O Ibobi led State Govt had passed the three Bills against the interest of the tribal, the Nagas in particular taking advantage of the signed Naga Peace Accord, the Tangkhul community strongly condemned the three Bills passed by the State Assembly on Aug 31.

The Tangkhul community also supported the agitation against MLAs of Churachandpur by its own people and condoled the ‘martyrs’ who stood proudly and tried to protect its own land. The members present at the consultative meet have also observed two-minute solidarity prayer to the ‘martyrs.’

Further, the meet observed that Manipur has become a lawless State under Ibobi’s rule where many people have been martyred. With the killing of Ramkashing Vashi and Mayopam Ramror on Aug 30, 2014, Robinhood on July 8 and now eight martyrs from Churachandpur, it is time the Govt of India imposes President’s Rule in Manipur for peace. The meet also observed that shutting down of internet in Manipur is another way to manipulate and deprive the people of their rights to information. Asserting that MLA Ranjit Singh’s comment, who said that there are no Nagas in Manipur during the Assembly session, was an insult to the whole Naga fraternity in Manipur, the meet demanded the MLA to apologise to the Naga community of Manipur.

Meanwhile, security has been tightened in Ukhrul. Ukhrul SP, Ningshem Vashum said that adequate security has been deployed to guard the residences of the MLAs of the district.

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