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UKLF cadres issue statements

DIMAPUR : The NSCN (IM) today made available two statements signed by members of the United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) namely: Private Letkhothang Chongom and Lamkhothang, an alleged “agent” of the UKLF.

In one statement, made available through the MIP of the NSCN (IM), Chongom said that the shooting and killing of one Ruisoting of Aimol Satu Village on May 31, 2015 “by the 20 Assam Rifled under the command of Major Aditiya Kappor” was carried out “with active support and collaboration of UKLF cadres.” It also said that the assassination attempt on one Munthuireng (Aimol Tribe President) and his colleagues on July 2, 2015 were made by UKLF cadres.

Chongom further stated that his team of five cadres worked as a recon team monitoring Munthuireng and his associates which culminated in the shooting incident at his residence on July 2. It further revealed that his team were involved in a forced signature campaign among the chief/chairman of Aimol villages for leadership change of the Aimol Tribe Union. Chongom then revealed that in June and July, 2015, three ambush attempts were made on NSCN (IM) cadres by the UKLF at Leithokching. The statement then said that the GI pipes meant for water supply scheme for Aimol area were stolen, cut to pieces and sold to scrap dealers on the instruction of UKLF.

He along with Lamkhothang also accepted responsibility for the life attempt made on two women leaders on August 16, 2015.

In another statement, also made available by the NSCN (IM), one Lamkhothang claimed to have been working as an agent of the UKLF since August 2014 and accepted his role in life attempts made on two women leaders on August 16, 2015.

Source: Morung Express

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