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Senapati Brigade Apprehendeds UG Cadres

SENAPATI: Troops of Jwalamukhi Battalion of Senapati Brigade under Red Shield Division apprehended two active cadres in an operation carried out on 18 Oct 15.

In the operation, two KRA(U) cadres were apprehended from Pongmol village of Senapati district. The individuals were identified as LamkhapaoChongloi, age 31 years, s/o HekaiChongloi and ThangkholunChongloi, age 44 yrs, s/o TongkingChongloi both resident of village Khenjang in Senapati District.  They were apprehended alongwith a 7.65 mm Pistol, four live ammunition of 7.65 mm and Rupees 2500/-.LamkhapaoChongloi confessed that he is the president of UG group of KRA(U) under KNO umbrella and has been involved in various nefarious activities of the group. The apprehendees were planning to abduct the staff of contactor responsible for the repair and maintainace of NH-2.  The insurgent were later handed over to Police for further investigation.

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