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Two Children From Manipur Nominated for Bravery Award

NEW DELHI: On January 18, 2016 two boys from Manipur namely Master Maurice Yengkhom (14 years) S/o Yengkhom Zunu resident of Yaiskul and Master Chongtham Kuber Meitei (12 years) Son of Chongtham Tomba Meitei, Resident of Tera Loukrakpam, were nominated for bravery award from Manipur. It was declared in a function organised by Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW) in New Delhi. The children will receive the award from the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 24th January 2016, and later will participate in Republic Day Parade, on Rajpath, New Delhi, on 26 January. Lt Col Ajay Kumar Sharma, PRO, MoD, Manipur, Officer-in-Charge Republic Day parade Commentary in New Delhi, interacted with the children. The excerpts are as follows:

Bravery deed: Master Maurice Yengkhom, on 08 March 2015, was playing with 13 years old Hijam Rodin and five other cousins on the terrace of their building. While playing, Maurice realized that Rodin has been struck by electric current, probably through naked wire. Maurice tried to pull Rodin but was thrown back due to electric shock. Doing quick thinking and having presence of mind, Maurice used a broken cane chair and hit Rodin with it, thereby freeing him from electric current. Rodin who became unconscious was burnt on face and feet. He was subsequently taken to hospital. The heroic deed of Maurice saved the life of Rodin.

Q1. When did you realize that Rodin was struck with electric current?
Ans. When I held Rodin and I myself got electric shock, I understood that he has been struck by electric current.

Q2. Why did you use the cane chair to free Rodin?
Ans. Because I knew that cane is a bad conductor of electricity and I would be able to save Rodin using it.

Q3. Were you afraid for your own life while saving him?
Ans. At that point of time I was just thinking of doing something fast to save Rodin and the thought of danger to my own life did not come to my mind.

Q4. What do you want to be in the future?
Ans. I want to be an engineer.

Bravery deed:On the afternoon of 8thMarch 2015, some boys were playing football at a playground. While playing, the ball fell into a nearby pond. As Kuber went to pick up the ball, he noticed a 12 year old girl drowning in the 10 feet deep pond. She was struggling hard to come out but her efforts were proving futile. Kuber immediately jumped into the water and pulled the girl out safely. His heroic act saved a precious life.

Q1. When did you know that the girl was drowning?
Ans. When I saw her moving her hands and legs frenetically in the water and shouting for help, I realize she was drowning.

Q2. Were you not afraid that you might also drown?
Ans. At that point of time, only thought in mind was of, anyhow saving the girl. As I know swimming, fear of drowning did not enter my mind.

Q3. What is your ambition in life?
 Ans. My ambition is to be an Army Officer.

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