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CM against action that might result in “communal tension”

KOHIMA : Nagaland Chief Minister, TR Zeliang today urged against any action that might result in “communal tension and misunderstanding,” while asking the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) to reconsider its decision to impose a bandh on “Manipur-registered vehicles in Naga-inhabited areas starting from February 27.” The NSF had called for the bandh to protest against assault on its leaders by Manipur Police Commandos on February 14.  The CM informed that the Nagaland government has taken up with its Manipur counterpart on a response to the earlier NSF Ultimatum regarding the incident. He said it would be “expected as well as appropriate to wait for response from the Government of Manipur.” 

In a letter to the NSF President, the CM said such a bandh would have “adverse effect on the normal lives of the common people, who depend on vehicular traffic for travel; and also badly affect the supply of essential commodities to the markets in a landlocked State of Manipur. It will also affect parts of Nagaland.” Reminding that Nagas are on the thresh hold of a new political era, he stated “we need the goodwill, support and understanding of all our neighbours…we are destined to live together as neighbours for generations to come, and it is only prudent that we maintain good relations with everyone, especially with our neighbours.”

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