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NPF criticizes Ibobi govt, JCILPS; defends CM Zeliang

DIMAPUR: A day after JCILPS and some MLAs have questioned Nagaland Chief Minister TR Zeliang for his controversial statement on ILP issues in Manipur, NPF Manipur Unit flayed Manipur chief minister O Ibobi Singh 

In a statement issued by Manipur NPF general secretary Honreikhui Kashung questioned if the three bills are comfortable for tribal people, why the four NPF MLAs had to resign from the assembly and why the speaker maintained a silence on it. He said Manipuri Meiteis have been occupying 90 per cent of the total geographical area of Manipur and hence there statement is not justified.
He also referred to burning of houses of ministers and other leaders and killing of nine civilians as consequences of passing of the said bills.

Defending Nagaland CM’s statements, NPF said that Manipur CM and JCILPS should question themselves rather than questioning Zeliang and said that  TR Zeliang is not interfering into the governance of Manipur but he is only showing his serious concern on the issue.

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