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Red Shield Division Provides Succor to Local of Bishnupur

BISHNUPUR: The Army provided humanitarian assistance to the water deprived villages of Upper Ngaryan and Pinjang on 2nd February 2016 by providing succour in the form of water pipelines and other water supply equipment. The locals of the two villages welcomed the thoughtful initiative and were extremely grateful as this would make their daily lives more comfortable.

In pursuance of its overall aim of alleviating the problems of the local populace and fostering peace and harmony in the region, the Loktak Brigade located at Bishnupur and the Red Shield Division at Leimakhong once again displayed their level of commitment towards this noble cause.

The army also stated that they would strive to assist the local population  including the youth to join mainstream occupations in the nation as well as assisting small scale entrepreneurs in harnessing the local resources of Manipur.

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