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Free medical camp conducted by Jwalamukhi Batallion

SENAPATI: Jwalamukhi battalion under Senapati Brigade of Red Shield Division organised a free Medical Camp at village Motbung of Senapati district. The doctors and medical staff of Jwalamukhi Battalion attended approx 367 male, 207 female and 189 children. The patients were also given adequate medicines and advice related to their health. The medical officer also threw light on health and hygiene issues to the local people and precautionary measures against various communicable diseases.

The medical camp was an effort by the Jwalamukhi Battalion to provide necessary medical assistance to the people of far flung and remote areas who are neglected due to lack of medical facilities.  The precious advice and care by the medical team will go a long way in improving the medical health of the locals. The sincere effort brings out the positive and constructive intent of the security forces towards the people of Manipur.

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