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Silver Jubilee Battalion Apprehends KUFO Cadre

SENAPATI: Troops of Jwalamukhi Battalion under Senapati Brigade of Red Shield Division apprehended four active cadres of KUFO in an operation carried out on 22 Sep 16.  Based on specific input regarding presence of active cadres of KUFO in Village Mothang of Senapati district,an operation was launched by troops of Jwalamukhi Battalion that resulted in apprehension of ChoanjaoSithlou@ Khanko,age 27 years,s/o HenhaoSithlou, resident of village Henjang, PS Sekmai, District Senapati,Nagakhoang Sings @ Ruben, age 26 years,s/o Tonghao, resident of village Songbel PS Saikul,District Senapati, HaominlunLhouvum @ Lulen,age 19 years,s/o HenjalanLhovum,resident of village Keithalmanbi, PS KPI, District Senapati and LamingthangLhovum @ mining @ don @ Jakir, age 19 years,s/o Lamkholal, resident of village Motbung, District Senapati. The cadres were apprehended along with one AK -47 rifle, one .303 rifle, 5.56mm INSAS rifle and a 7.65 mm Pistol Magazine with 23 live rounds of the weapons, case of RS 1370 /-, three Mobile Handsets, two wallets and a rucksack.  Questioning of the individuals revealed that they were active cadres of KUFO and were involved in various nefarious activities on behalf of the outfit.

ChoanjaoSithlou @ Khanko was town commander Motbung and had joined the outfit in Feb 2016. Nagakhoang Sings @ Ruben was holding the appointment of commander armed wing Motbung and had joined the outfit in Jul 2016. HaominlunLhouvum @ Lulen joined in Aug 2016 and LamingthangLhovum @ mining @ don @ Jakir was holding the appointment of armed Wing Commander who joined the outfit in Nov 2015.  They also revealed that they were trained in small arms weapon training at T/Gamnom. The operation by the troops of Red Shield Division showcases the efforts of Security Forces towards bringing normalcy to the state. The apprehended cadres along with recovered arms and ammunition were handed over to the police for further investigation

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