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MPCC files complaint against Modi before EC

IMPHAL: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has filed a complaint before the Election Commission of India against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allegedly violating the election Model Code of Conduct while addressing the BJP rally at Imphal on Saturday.

In its complaint, MPCC said Modi had promised to lift the UNC sponsored economic blockade, if BJP was voted to power in Manipur.

“The PM says that if BJP comes to power then the blockade will be lifted immediately and people of Manipur can celebrate Holi with great fanfare after the results are declared on March 11. What does it mean then? It means that the PM is anticipating that the blockade will be lifted only if BJP comes to power. This mean, BJP is hand-in-glove with UNC,” MPCC said.

PM’s statement was a clear indication of influencing the electorates of Manipur to vote in favour of BJP, MPCC added.

Such statement made by Prime Minister tantamount to violation the Model Code of Conduct which was in force since February 4 last, after ECI announced elections to five states.

“In this context it may be questioned, whether the blockade would remain forever in the national highways in Manipur, in case the next government is not formed by the BJP in Manipur,” it added.

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