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Review Loktak project demand growing

IMPHAL :  Citizens' group urged the centre and state government to review the Loktak Hydro Power project and decommission Ithai barrage at earliest to restore the eco-system of Loktak lake. A public consultation on Loktak Project and Ithai barrage and its impact on climate change was held today at conference hall, youth hostel, Imphal. Civil society organisations, women organisations, academicians, intellectuals, social and human rights activists, etc victims of Loktak multipurpose hydro project attended the event.

A recommendation of the meet they urged the government to establish an expert committee to look into the Loktak eco system, to revive it and to contribute to the adaptation plan with climate change. The expert committee also assign to investigate against National Hydroelectric Power Corporation for the illegal operation of the project and forcefully use Loktak lake by violating human rights of the people. 

The expert requested central and state government to take action against NHPC to pay equitable compensation to the victims of Loktak project and rehabilitation. The committee demands to establish a judicial enquiry against the staff of NHPC who violates the rights of the people especially fishing communities for the last 35 years and to punish the perpetrators according to law.

Source: Imphal Free Press

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