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Watch LIVE Webcast of India's Adoption of Universal Periodic Review III at UN Human Rights Council

On May 4, 2017, 112 countries of the United Nations made recommendations on various issues of human rights to the Government of India, during India’s 3rd Universal Periodic Review. On September 21, 2017 India will respond to the 250 recommendations made to it by other member states and adopt the UPRIII. The entire adoption process will be webcast live by UN Web TV all over the world.
The UPR is an important mechanism of UN to promote human rights situation of various countries and will be of great value to students of law or journalism or social  / political sciences. 

The adoption process at UN Human Rights Council will begin at 7.30 PM and will end by 8.30 pm. During this process other countries and NGOs will also be given time to respond to India’s response to the recommendations.

Live Webcast available from the following link

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