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BJP Leader and 8 others arrested for running high profile online sex racket

BHOPAL:Bhopal police arrested a BJP leader and eight others for running a high profile online sex racket from posh Arera Colony area. Four girls hailing from Meghalaya and Maharashtra, who were forced into flesh trade, were rescued. The BJP leader, identified as Neeraj Shakya, was state media in-charge of state BJP's newly formed Scheduled Caste Cell.

BJP leader Neeraj Shakya used to identify girls in need of urgent jobs through job portals. They then contacted them and called them to Bhopal. Once in Bhopal, the women were assured with front office jobs in private firms. Later, these girls were forced into flesh trade.

The girls were mainly school dropouts seeking jobs of receptionist or in beauty parlours. They would charge between Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 from the customers, the police added. Besides Shakya, 33, other accused have been identified as Dinesh alias David, 23, Suresh Gehlot, 33, Ravi Prajapati, 26, Harjeet Dhanwani, 26, Manoj Kumar, 39, Krishna Kumar, 21, Suresh Belani, 30, and Miswauddin, 22. Subhash alias Veer Dwivedi- the gang's kingpin, is on the run.

Police said it was a professional sex racket with predefined roles and responsibilities for every member. Role of Dinesh and Ravi were to update numbers on the website and to trap girls on pretext of jobs. 

Krishna Kumar's job was to follow Veer's orders as per the demand of their day to day business. Neeraj Shakya's job was to coordinate with Ravi and Harjeet.

Source :- Times of india

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