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Akhil Gogoi arrested once again by Goalpara Police from Dibrugarh

GUWAHATI: Peasant leader Akhil Gogoi after getting bail in a case filed in Moran Police Station has been arrested once again by the Goalpara Police on Saturday in relation with another case filed at Dudhnoi Police.

Akhil Gogoi who was arrested on September 14 on sedition charges was released on bail yesterday but immediately after the bail, a team of police from Goalpara’s Dudhnoi arrived at the Dibrugarh Jail premises and later on arrested Akhil Gogoi. The police team took him with them to Dudhnoi for interrogation this morning in relation to a case that was filed in Dudhnoi Police station.

The case which was filed in Dudhnoi is related to an issue where some unidentified youths allegedly painted black colour on a nameplate of Deendayal Upadhyaya Model College in Dudhnoi.

Speaking on the issue, KMSS leader, Bedanta Laskar said that the case or the FIR has no mention of Akhil Gogoi in it but it was only filed against few SMSS members.

He added, “Akhil Gogoi had no connection with the case as he had not been there during the incident nor did he take part in any protest in relation to the case. The police arrested Akhil shows the dictatorship of the government which is trying to trap him inside as he always speaks for the greater interest of the people of Assam.”

Following the arrest, thousands of KMSS and SMSS supporters have moved to Dibrugarh to protest against the arrest of the peasant leader.

Protestors have claimed that the whole issue is a conspiracy by the government to keep Akhil trapped inside so that he cannot bring out the truth about this government.

It may be mentioned that the CJM Dibrugarh accepted bail plea of Akhil Gogoi regarding a case related to National Security Act filed in Moran Police Station on Friday.

Source: Time8

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