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China claims Indian drone 'invaded airspace in crash'

GANGTOK: An Indian drone has "invaded China's airspace and crashed" on its territory, Chinese state media has said.

Zhang Shuili, deputy director of the western theatre combat bureau, said the incident took place in "recent days". He did not give an exact location.

The Indian army said the drone had been deployed on a training mission and developed a technical problem.

Indian army spokesperson Colonel Aman Anand told reporters that they had lost control of the drone which then crossed into Chinese airspace. They alerted their Chinese counterparts soon after, he added.

The two countries saw relations worsen this summer when they became locked in a dispute over a Himalayan plateau.

“Recently, an Indian unmanned aerial vehicle invaded China’s aerospace in the Sikkim section of the China-India border,” spokesperson of the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs Geng Shuang said at the regular briefing of the ministry on Thursday.

Geng said “solemn representations” against the incident was lodged with India but didn’t specify whether it was filed in Beijing or New Delhi.

He added: the Chinese military handled the situation in a “professional” way. He said the China-India border in Sikkim has been “delimited” and the “invasion” violated China’s sovereignty and wasn’t “conducive for peace and tranquillity” in the region.

He did not share information on exactly where on the Sino-India border was the drone found or how Chinese military personnel came to the conclusion that the drone belonged to India.

Image Source: NewsX

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