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Who is responsible for Tripura violence?

The state is receiving its new government after the rule of the left-wing party for more than 25 years. In contrary to this, the state is also observing violence before the formation of the right wing government as in two days two statues of Communist Icon Vladimir Lenin has been vandalized by the crowd. As the crowd has no face, the question remains who is behind the violence in Tripura?

Can it be BJP?

Bhartiya Janata Party has attained power in Tripura outsmarting the long ruled Communist Party in the state in the recent elections and scripted history.

But this victory is a bitter-sweet experience for the party as before the formation of BJP-IPFT-led state government, Tripura has experienced a turmoil followed by acts of violence in the state.

In two days, two statues of Communist icon Vladimir Lenin has been vandalized by a crowd preaching ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’.

As per some, the act is done by the Hindutva party itself as they follow the ideologies of Rashtriya Swayamseva Sangh(RSS) and Lenin was a dictator who followed the left-wing ideologies.

More clarity was received when some of the leaders of the BJP condoned the act and made some controversial statements for the same.

BJP leader Subramanyam Swami is known for his stripping words and this time he considered Lenin as a terrorist that lead to a major turmoil in the state.

Swamy in his statement said, “Lenin is a foreigner and in a way, a terrorist, there shouldn’t be a statue of this sort of person in our country? They are welcome to put that statue inside the Communist Party headquarters and worship it if they so wish.”

Ram Madhav, another BJP leader also supported the act and stated, “people taking down Lenin’s statue…not in Russia, it is in Tripura, ‘Chalo Paltai'”.

Apart from this, the governor of the state, Tathagata Roy also made a controversial statement supporting the act of vandalism he stated, “What one democratically elected government can do another democratically elected government can undo. And vice versa.”

Later he deleted his tweet after receiving negative reactions on the same.

In contrary to this, some says the party cannot do this act as they are going to form a government in the state and they want to form a clean government in Tripura.

Apart from this, the Prime Minister also expressed disapproval of the acts of vandalism.

PM Modi on Wednesday condemned these incidents in strong words, saying stern action will be taken against those found guilty, a statement by his office read.

Along with this, he also called the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and “expressed strong disapproval of such incidents”.

Following this, on Tuesday, the Home Ministry had called the Tripura Governor and DGP to ensure peace till a new government is installed.

This prompt reaction of the government at the centre also proves that the party doesn’t want to tarnish their image in the state they have attained power defeating the Communist Party.

Can it be CPIM?

The Communist Party of Tripura is that was ruling the state for more than 25 years received a major defeat from the BJP in the recent elections.

This defeat may have resulted in such acts as the party wants to tarnish the image of BJP before the formation of its government, we can also say this considering the long record of CPIM conducting violence in the state.

In contrary to this, we can also say that the party can’t do such act of vandalism as Lenin was their Icon and he was the Communist revolutionary hero as well.

On the matter, the CPIM Chief Sitaram Yechury also conducted a meeting accusing BJP of such violence and turmoil in the state and stated, “We have severely condemned the manner in which our party offices, comrades, and mass organizations were attacked and their houses burnt in the last 24 hours in Tripura. These attacks have been unleashed by the RSS and BJP along with the IPTF (Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura), which won the elections. In Belonia, they have brought down a statue of Lenin.”

Yechury, along with other members of the party marched from Kolkata’s Promode Dasgupta Bhavan to Lenin’s statue in Esplande.

The leaders in the march were  Prakash Karat, Brinda Karat, Biman Bose and CPM state secretary Surya Kanta Mishra and others.

Later the march, Yechury said, “The protests will make the point that they may destroy the statue but comrades and red flags will rise up in protest. They are challenging us and we will take this on.”

However, the question remains the same as who is behind the act of vandalism of the revolutionary hero of the left wing party in Tripura. The clarity on the matter is hard to find.

By: Vasundhra Tewari | Source: NorthEastIndia

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