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ENPO holds public rallies

DIMAPUR: The Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation, ENPO today held public rally across Mon, Tuensang, Longleng Kiphire districts reaffirming their demand of frontier Nagaland statehood. 

In Kiphire district the rally was held at deluxe point which was organised by the United Sangtam Likhum Pumji and attended by ENPO officials, citizens, students and women organisations and well-wishers.  ENPO Vice president, P.Setsacho while sharing the progress of the frontier Nagaland statehood demand said nothing less that statehood will be acceptable and appealed to the people to extend co-operation and support for the long cherished dream of the eastern people who are deprived in all fronts in the state. He also disclosed that the ENPO officials are just the ambassador of the people of the six tribes of the eastern Nagaland and that they would move ahead with their suggestions. Expressing hope in the movement for frontier state he said, frontier Nagaland statehood demand is showing fastest development amongst all the statehood demand by the people in the country, as it has already had four bilateral talks and tripati talks with Government of India. 

Calling upon the people to be more united, the vice president said, nothing is impossible with unity. President United Sangtam students conference Sepikyu said the constitution of the country guarantees equality for all its citizens but in Nagaland state there is inequality everywhere while ENPO area is the most deprived. He therefore said that the only solution is frontier Nagaland for which the students union gives its full support.

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