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MUSU to boycott local dailies in campus

IMPHAL: Manipur University Students’ Union (MUSU) has boycotted some of local dailies of the State in the varsity.
General secretary of MUSU Laishram Kennedy stated today to media condemning the arrest of former ISTV staff Kishorechandra Wangkhem under National Security Act.
He said boycotting the local papers do not mean that MUSU is against them. Some of the local papers give more emphasis on the developmental works of the government and they almost failed to highlight the drawback of the government, he added.

Most of the local papers have been a silent spectator in the case of Kishorechandra though he belongs to the media fraternity. The students’ union condemned All Manipur Working Journalist Union (AMWJU) for allegedly ignoring the case of Kishorechandra though he has arrested under national security act, AMWJU is a union for the journalists of the State, to protect them and to guide them at the time of need, and not to be a silent spectator, said Kennedy.

He said the charge on Kishorechandra under National Security Act is not reasonable and everyone including the media fraternity have aware it as an open secret. As a union of media fraternity, AMWJU should stand for Kishorechandra for arresting him under National Security Act, he asserted.
He appealed other local papers to publish report without bias with anyone though the reports found to be for against the government as people want unbiased news.
Kennedy further said journalist are not boycotted in the varsity they are welcome to get news only the papers are boycotted as a part of the protest decrying arrest of Kishorechandra under National Security Act.
Fortunately, Imphal Free Press along with Imphal Times, a daily eveninger, have not been brought under the ban decision.
Source: The Imphal Free Press

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