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One year jail term for Kishorchandra under NSA

Screenshot: Journalist KC Wangkhem. Credit: ISTV. Television 
IMPHAL: The Advisory Board on National Security Act (NSA) has approved the detention of former ISTV staff, Keshorchandra Wangkhem, under the act for the period of 12 months.
According to an order issued by the deputy secretary (Home) Dr. Th. Charanjeet Singh, on behalf of the governor, said that the detention order has been approved by the state government, “After examination of the report, the detention order, grounds of detention and other relevant papers furnished by the district magistrate.
On December 11, the NSA advisory board constituted under Section 9 of the said Act has carefully considered the case and submitted the report on December 13.
Accordingly, the board has unanimously opined that there are grounds and sufficient cause for detention of the detenu under NSA, it said.
“After considering the proximate past activities of the detenu and potential danger of his activities which are prejudicial to the security of the state and maintenance of public order and there is apprehension of his continuing to act similar prejudicial activities, the moment he is released from detention, is further of the opinion that the said person should be detained for the maximum period of 12 months as provided under Section 13 of the said Act,” mentioned the order.
Subsequently, in consonance with the opinion expressed by the Advisory Board, the Governor of Manipur has confirmed to order of detention Kishorchandra Wangkhem, it said.
Kishorachandra Wangkhem, who worked in a local TV channel, was arrested on November 20 by the Imphal West Police after he uploaded a video criticising the BJP led Manipur government on social media. He was charged with certain section under 124-A/294/500 IPC which include sedition.

He criticized the stance of the BJP led Government for organizing Rani of Jhansi being a freedom fighter, linking with the freedom movement of Manipur besides reportedly using abusive words against the BJP led Manipur Government and RSS.
On November 25, the CJM Imphal Imphal West, released him on bail terming Wangkhem’s video as a mere expression of opinion against the public conduct of public figure in a street language.
The Court order said, “It does not appear to me to such which is intended to create enmity between different groups of people community, sections etc nor does it appear to be one which attempts to bring hatred, contempt, dissatisfaction against the government of India or of the state. It is mere expression of opinion against the Prime Minister and chief minister of Manipur which cannot be equated with an attack to invite people to violence against the government of India or Manipur to topple it.”
Barely 24 hours after his released, Keshorchand was rearrested and detained under NSA.

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