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Naga Mothers Association meets CSO group in Imphal

IMPHAL: Nagaland based women group, Naga Mothers Association (NMA) today met with representatives of women groups of Manipur and Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) in the wake of the unrest in the neighbouring states that come with the culmination of the Naga peace talks. 

A six member delegate of NMA reached here on Monday evening and a closed door meeting was held at Classic Hotel this afternoon between the delegation, women groups and COCOMI.

“Our main agenda of reaching out to the people of Manipur is to maintain peace among the people of Manipur and Nagaland no matter what happens,” said NMA president Abei-u Imeru while interacting with the media after the meeting. 

“Our sisters in the ‘Meira Paibis’ of Manipur, we have known to each other for long. We even shared the ‘Lifetime Peace Award’ in 2013. As mothers, we need peace. We want to share the concern and love for each other and renew our relationship in such difficult times,” she stated. 

Talking about the outcome of the meeting, the NMA president maintained, it was fruitful, adding that the parties shared the concern and worries of each other.

“We have some works which we have to carry back home. We will convey the worries of the Manipur people to the people of Nagaland,” she added. 

NMA’s Advisor Dr. Rosemary termed the visit ‘a peace mission of the NMA’. She said that the parties have reiterated for peace and live peacefully as neighbours.

“Apart from the ongoing peace talks, we also discussed the built up of militarisation in both the state, issues confronting the women among others,” she said. 

She further stated that whatever result the peace talks yield, we are going to live together as neighbours.

“Nevertheless, the resolution of the talk will depend on the GOI and the negotiators. The public is not in the know of it. We want a peaceful resolution. I’m sure the GOI will also take into consideration the concerns of the people of both the states and ensure that there is peace in the days to come,” she added.

While noting that the NMA also wants the peace talks to conclude peacefully at the earliest, she pointed out that the price of the Naga movement is heavy. So, when we are looking for peace, we are looking for all Nagas across boundaries.

“I hope that the GOI is also serious and puts in serious efforts to ensure that an agreement is signed and peace comes to the Naga areas,” she said. 

The NMA advisor maintained that at this point of time, clarity is needed and one needs to be sensitive to the environment. “We are disturbed with the kind of varied statements continuously made by interlocutor RN Ravi,” she said.

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  1. Please take the voice of the oppressed Nagas. That under no circumstances or understanding Nagas will no longer tolerate with the meities. Speak on behalf of us. Long live NMA